5D Time Machine Volume adjustments?


I have a question about changing the Time Machine volume size. I found the Knowledge Base Article Id: AA-01867, which says “With firmware revision 3.5.0, the Drobo 5D now supports 64TB volumes for newly created packs. Unfortunately packs created before 3.5.0 cannot have their volume size upgraded. As a result it will be necessary to copy the data off the Drobo, recreate the diskpack (i.e. reset the Drobo and drives from Dashboard), and copy the data back in order to migrate from a 16TB to 64TB volume.” But, the current firmware version on the Mac is 3.3, so what does this mean, exactly? And, this is the ONLY article on increasing Time Machine volume size for the 5D.

Thank you!

I think the firmware version 3.5 is referring to the Drobo 5D. Using the Drobo Dashboard, try updating the firmware. My 5D currently has firmware version 4.1.3.

About using a partition in Drobo as a TM backup, I have not used that feature yet as I have separate drives for TM backups.