5D shutdown on it's own!


I’ve quite a new 5D (V3.1.1 Firmware) with 5 x WD Green 6TB drives installed, this is currently connected to my Apple MBP late 2008 (Yosemite) via USB 2 (new Mac Pro on order).

I’ve been using it for 4-weeks transferring data from various external hard drives with no problems at all.

Last night I was opening a folder containing lots of files, the Mac hung (spinning beachball), I tried to suspend the Finder session (NOT shutting the Mac down) - after a minute or two the Drobo simply shutdown (lights off, no internal noise). I tried to switch it back on with no effect. I killed the UPS and switched the UPS on again, then re-started the Drobo. No lights came on but I could hear the fan running - I waited no response, I tied again with a longer pause and it re-started okay. No loss of data. Since then it’s not repeated the problem. I’m a bit concerned about this.

Does anyone have any ideas?