5D Reboots at Start of Data Protection

I have a Drobo 5D running on Mac. I was near 16TB and it asked to add a new drive due to low disk space. I have been exchanging my 4TB drives for 12TB ones. So far I have replaced the first 2 drives with 12 TB.

This is the drive configuration.
Bay 0 - 12 TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS
Bay 1- 12 TB Seagate Ironwolf NAS
Bay 2 - 12 TB / Failed After Adding this Drive. Seagate Ironwolf NAS
Bay 3 - 4 TB Segate
Bay 4 - 4 TB Segate

I only have 14TB of data on the Dobo.

I added the drive in Bay 2 Everything was running fine the data protection was starting and the bar graph was slowly progressing. I left it running over night as is would take a few days to complete. So I left it to run. I noticed that it rebooted, I figured it was done and was rebooting on purpose. I checked and it was mounted and data could be seen. I check the Drobo dashboard and it shows that Warning and data protection is in progress. I can see my data as it is doing this process. What happens is that it keeps rebooting the split second the the Data protection bar starts to progress. I only get about 5 to 6 mins before it reboots again. I feel my data is safe I just can’t get it off the Drobo in 6 mins.

I am running Firmware 4.1.3 [7.196.105954]

I have looked at my diagnostic logs and can’t seem to see anything in the pile of log files. I have tried forcing the drive to Read Only on Mac. No luck there. I even pulled my newly added 12tb drive out and it goes into Data Protection any way. Same story over and over. Once is starts to correct itself then reboot. I would love a way to stop this Data Protection sequence so I can get my data off the Drobo.

I have done the power off - remove drives and reboot with no drives. The Drobo will stay up with no hardware issues. I am thinking this is a code issue with the 12TB drives or some sort of beyond raid issue.

Is there any help on this topic. I know that data protection can not be stopped. There has to be some way of giving me more than 5 or 6 min between reboots. Once it start flashing yellow it I have 60 seconds or less before the long 3 mins reboot. I need away to give me time to move my data off the Drobo so I can wipe it and start over again.

I am sure there is some common fix for this. Has anyone overcome this problem before?


I had something very similar a while ago - Drobo 5D kept rebooting shortly after starting up.

It turned out to be a failing drive - but not so much as to produce a warning in Dashboard. I had to purchase a one-off support case with Drobo to diagnose it, who had me remove the drive from the Drobo and perform a block-level clone onto a spare drive.

On replacing the failing drive with its clone, the data protection completed as it should.

Hope that’s of some help…