5D problems connecting with Thunderbolt

I’ve Had the 5D for a couple of days now and the whole time I’ve had an issue connecting via Thunderbolt.
It connects fine via usb, but the problem is I bought it for use with the Thunderbolt lol.

Updated Dashboard
Updated Firmware
Using OS X Yosemite 10.10.3

I Had a deadline that passed a while ago, Help anyone?

  1. Make sure the Mac you using is indeed having a Thunderbolt Port and not a DisplayPort. Both ports look exactly the same. TB port is backward compatible to DP. But a DP port is not compatible to TB.

1a) Make sure you are not connecting the Drobo using a DisplayPort cable…


  1. Try changing to another TB cable, just to eliminate cable fault

  2. Update your Mac if there is any system update from Apple, especially Apple Thunderbolt Firmware updates.

  3. lastly, you can try resetting the OSX SMC and NVRAM
    By the way,

When connected using Thunderbolt, which scenario you experienced?

  1. Drobo 5D volume mounted on OSX desktop and Finder is access to access the data. Drobo Dashboard NOT detecting Drobo 5D unit.

  2. Drobo 5D volume NOT mounted os OSX desktop, Drobo Dashboard NOT detecting the Drobo.