5D Power switch

Just curious.

I have a 5D behaving very oddly in respect to powering off.

Is the main power switch at the rear a rocker switch or on/off?


It’s a momentary switch with a rocker style actuator. Now without getting a unit apart, I couldn’t tell you if it’s single or double pole, but my guess would be single.

Powering off is normally best done from dashboard. Open Dashboard > Select the Drobo > Tools > Shutdown (button).

Thanks for the info. This is the only Drobo I’ve worked on so I didn’t know for sure if the switch was faulty.

I’ve been looking at this device for a client for several months following a drive failure last year. The device stays on with no drives installed, is generally stable with three drives but with all 5 drives it can remain on for seconds or sometimes 30 minutes but never long enough to get the data off.

It’s like it’s either overheating or the PSU is not big enough to manage 3+ drives. Have you ever come across something like this?

The power supplies do seem to get weak with age, it’s always worth trying a substitute, I’ve been known to use a lab style bench power supply for the purpose.

Other possibility is one of the drives has a fault causing it to draw excessive current, in which case block cloning it to another drive of the exact capacity might be a way out.