5D - Power Supply Failure

Last night all 5 Drive lights flashed red and the Drobo turned off. It has not subsequently restarted. I have tried the following to get it restarted:

i) Checked the power supply and removed/replaced all of the connecting leads. The power supply brick still shows a green light. This therefore does not seem to be the problem.
ii) Removed and replaced the drives (in the correct order).
iii) Restarted the mac.

I suspect that the fault is with the Drobo itself but grateful for any contrary views. If the unit has failed, if I buy a replacement, will I be able to simply move the hard drives across (assuming that they have not also failed)? If I opted for a new 5N rather than a new 5D would this still work?

Thanks so much for any knowledgable help from the forum!

Actually, looking at the power supply brick more closely, it is flashing green (rather than solid green). I think that this means that the brick is the failure?

The green light on those PSU units doesn’t actually mean very much, when they’re off you have no power, them being on doesn’t indicate the unit can supply enough. Unless you have the equipment to test under load that the voltage stays in specification you don’t know it’s good.

I’d suggest trying a replacement, since that’s cheaper than the equipment to test properly anyway.