5D Power Brick Light Off

This morning I came downstairs to find all of my drives off. A breaker had tripped. All the drives are plugged into an APC backup. When I flipped the breaker back on, all of the drives powered up except for the Drobo 5D. I eventually determined that the green LED on the power brick was totally out. I’ve tried different plugs, disconnected the power supply from the Drobo, disconnected the power cable from the brick and reconnected everything with no data connections, and the power brick seems dead.

I’ve ordered a new one and will see what happens. In the meantime, what do you guys think? Dead brick or bricked 5D? My theory is that the brick failed causing the breaker to trip but I am no expert.


Hello there!

Drobo power bricks are kinda notorious for failing. Your first instinct is the right one: replacing the power supply unit is a good first step.

I would try to start the Drobo with the new power supply with no drives in it, to be safe. Make sure you keep the drives in the correct order when removing them, as they work as a “disk pack”. Once you determine that it’s working again, shut it down and re-insert the drives in the same order, then turn Drobo back on.

Good luck!



Thanks, Dom. Question. If I power it up unconnected to my computer, how do I safely shut it down again?

Just a follow up. My Drobo is working! It turns out it was a failed power supply. I bought an aftermarket replacement on Amazon and voila!

Appreciate the help.

I’m glad it all worked out!