5D Physical movement transporting

I’ve had nearly every drobo revision and every one of them has suffered when physically moving the drobo - I usually backup to the drobo and take it offsite to store somewhere else. That picking it up, storing it and then bringing it back to backup will usually result in a drive ‘going missing’ or a rebuild. This is due to the clips on the drobo not securing the drive in place.

Has anything changed with the 5D?

I find the drobo perfect when you touch it and leave it in place but ANY movement to it will cause it to freak out which is a big worry when you have lots of data. I’d saw try this at home but I wouldn’t want you risking your data. If you have a spare drobo, go ahead pick it up, take it for a drive (literally what i do) and bring it back. Drobo would benefit from screwing the drives in place just to be secure. This even happens with the drobo S v2 - 1mm movement results in a non-connection and this puts the whole data pack at risk.

I don’t think the 5D is geared exclusively towards “portability” … I think that’s what their new “mini” is geared for. In fact, the Mini (only accepts laptop 2.5" drives and ssd’s, along with the optional mSATA slot underneith) … has an optional padded form fitted carrying case, further proving they are expecting you to pack it up and go from time to time.

If you’re looking for portability, I recommend you consider the mini. If you already have decided on (or taken delivery of) the 5D, be careful moving it, and before powering it up each time, couldn’t hurt to eject all disks slightly and carefully (just an inch out), and re-inserting to their same caddy-spots, to ensure positive engagement. THEN POWER ON.

Good luck!

The mini is too small for my needs. Maybe the 5D isn’t right for me and another manufacturer DAS is? This will be a shame…

Well…good luck finding another direct-attached storage that holds 5 3.5" disks in a non-host dependent RAID which is designed to be transported.

ioSafe is the only one close to what you are asking for. Their DAS is single-drive. They do have a multiple drive NAS.

I thought the recommendation was to remove the drives before you transport it. I’d never keep drives in an array when moving it.

Yup, per #2 in What is the best way to transport my Drobo storage device?

Well, there you go, OP. Just bring 5 padded and/or anti-static hard drive bags with you because you don’t want to damage the hard drive during transport. One “shock” can render a hard drive useless, so be careful!

We transport our office’s DroboPro’s disk pack static-bagged in a Pelican case with foam picked for it, and the DroboPro chassis goes in another Pelican case.

FYI, the pick-n-pluck foam is convenient, but does not hold up well for heavy items under constant use.
A solid foam piece would hold its shape better.

Another thing you should always unload before transport is a CD/DVD carousel, no matter how careful you are. There are little scuffs at the edges of my discs. :frowning: Of course now I have everything loaded on my Drobos. :slight_smile:

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