5D not mounting

I’ve already submitted this to support. Copying here in case anyone has run into this before. Thanks!

My drive is not mounting… I’ve tried using different cables (USB3 and TB), different computers, upgraded the Dashboard software, shutdown and removed and reseat all drives…

When I turn it on:

  1. Front power light glows yellow, all drive lights turn yellow, all bottom lights light blue and rightmost (xfer) light turns green.
  2. Front power light turns off, xfer light turns off.
  3. All blue lights turn off. Yellow drive lights remain on.
  4. All drive lights flash once, remain yellow and front power light turns yellow.
  5. Then the blue lights begin flashing in an inward flowing pattern. Yellow drive lights turn off. Front power light alternates between yellow and green.
  6. Blue lights stop. Front power light turns green.

Drive will remain in this state for a while and then repeat this pattern, over and over.