5D no longer sees any drives in it at all

woke up this morning to alerts on the Mac that the volumes on the Drobo had been incorrectly unmounted. It is connected to a thunderbolt 3 mac mini via a thunderbolt 3 to thunderbolt 2 adaptor that has been working fine for 5 or more years now. I have a single red light in the first drive position even though all 5 drive bays are filled with various 6 and 8 TB drives. The dashboard does see the drobo but suggests I should add a drive in the first position and that all the other bays are empty even though they are not.

I have rebooted both the computer and the drobo. I have removed the drives and re-inserted them and then powered back on as well. No change. I have replaced the power supply with a known good 150 watt 12v supply and the drobo itself comes up fine but never tries to spin up the drives as far as I can tell with either of them.

The firmware version says it is current when I do a check, says it is 4.1.3[7.196.105954] it’s definitely recognized but it can no longer see any of it’s drives. I tried to purchase a replacement but it seems you can’t get a drobo right now for love or money :wink: All out of stock everywhere. If anyone has any advice before I tear it apart to clean all it’s internal connectors and look for failed capacitors I might be able to replace I’d very much appreciate it!


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Have restarted more times and tried to insert a brand new drive, the Drobo won’t see it. So it seems unless I can get another one that all the backups are gone, all the data is lost. I don’t think I have anything there that I would pay to have restored but it kind of makes the point of using a raid moot. Since I can’t put the drives in anything else and can’t buy a new Drobo right now. Alas. It will be a few days before I recycle the drives and lose my backups and images by creating a more standard raid 5 array in a different cabinet. If anyone has any thoughts I would love to hear it!

Can you try to connect via a (proven) USB connection instead of the Thunderbolt?
Close down both before changing over and then restart.

I just had the same problem with my 5D which was a replacement for the original 5D that died after two years. I’ve ordered a QNAP TL-D800C as a replacement.