5D multiple variables in play and a failed drive

So, I have one drive blinking red and the rest are blinking yellow/green. One email message received says storage is critically low and to replace the drive blinking red. The other says do NOT replace any drives that are blinking yellow/green. I’m running one version back of the current dashboard BUT I’ve already updated to El Capitan (few days ago). Capacity on this drobo is showing RED and is at 100%.

So the question is: do I wait for the data protection ‘in progress’ to complete (est 33 hours) before I replace the failed drive or do I replace it now?

Should I update the dashboard while all of this is happening or wait?

Trying to understand what sequence I should follow so not to further jeopardize my data.


If the drive is flashing red, you should be able to replace it with a new drive. Just make sure you are gentle in removing the failed drive and seating the replacement.
Unless there is compelling reason, I normally wait until data protection is finished before changing drives.