5D Multi Computer Share

I have a 5D and would like to share it among two OS 10.10.1 system (iMac & MacPro). Can these systems be connected to the two TB connection separately or must the 5D be connected through a LAN to share the 5D?

Tks, Koyangie

a 5D is a single attach computer. The 2 Thunderbolt ports are for daisy chaining. You cannot do what you proposed here.

I do not thing you can connect the USB3 and Thunderbolt simultaneously either.

If you wanted to share between computers, your best option would have been a 5N, not a 5D.

You can only connect the 5D to one computer at a time and only through one connection, either TB or USB, but not both. If you want to share you must share it via the connected computer, so you access that computer (which has a Drobo connected to it) that is the only way to access it over a network. You can not connect the 5D to a router and share it that way, only the 5N can be attached directly to a router.