5D - Mavericks - Drive disconnects constantly

This is driving me crazy.

I have a new 5D and am running OS 10.9.4 and Drobo Dashboard 2.5.3

Everyday, The Drobo is ‘ejected’ without me doing anything.

Then I must disconnect the the Thunderbolt cable, and restart the 5D to get it to re-connect.

I’ve done all the simple ‘fixes’ - unchecked ‘put hard drives to sleep when possible’, re-installed the Drobo Dashboard… which by the way, I can’t believe how user-UN-friendly the Drobo software download page is. So cryptic it’s ridiculous!

Why does EVERY drive I’ve bought from Best Buy etc work fine, yet the one time I buy a ‘state of the art’ system (Drobo 5D) I find myself with the most annoying and consistent problem.

All I want is for my 5D to STAY MOUNTED.

Any insight into this problem anybody?
I’ve scoured the net and haven’t yet found any answers.


I just noticed today that there was an update that wasn’t being pushed down to me for both the Dashboard software and my Drobo 5D firmware.

You may want to apply the updates (Dashboard first) and see if that helps? I needed to do a manual update for both but I’m now running Dashboard 2.6.2 and 5D Firmware 3.1.1.

I can’t seem to run Drobo-Dashboard-2.6.2 on OS 10.9.4. I followed instructions on uninstalling and reinstalling to no avail! How can I manually update Dashboard software and my Drobo 5D firmware.


hi stian, am just wondering do you still get disconnects/unmounts if you try with a usb cable?

if you dont, then it might be related to thunderbolt?