5D Failed Drive replacement

I had a WD 4TB drive fail, and after data protection mode had finished, I hot swapped the failed drive for a brand new WD 6TB RED drive, but the light for that bay never came on and Dashboard says the bay is empty.

After 20+ minutes, I powered down, checked the seating of the new drive, powered up. The existing drives are all fine and green lights; the new drive still shows as empty and no lights at all.

I believe I am on current firmware (v4.2.3) and dashboard (v3.6.1) running on MacOS 11.6.6

Grateful for any suggestions!

Hello there!

New WD Red drives up to 6TB in size can be SMR drives. SMR drives will not work in Drobo:


You need to use CMR drives in Drobo. To be sure you get a CMR drive, you need to buy a WD Red Plus drive. I hope you can still return the SMR drive you got!

I hope that helps!



Thanks Dom, that was very helpful!

I opened 1 drive to test it so need to find out if I can return it (Amazon.co.uk); the 2nd is unopened and should be fine.

All the best, Iain