5d dead with five solid yellow lights

Two days ago my Drobo 5D sends a massage saying the free space is critically low with
one yellow light and becomes unresponsive. I turn off the power but drives are still spinning. I pull the power and plug in back in one yellow light again. Then I use a pin
to reset the hardware with all drives pulled out. This time five solid yellow lights, all
capacity lights on!

Dash board cannot find Drobo. This thing is dead. I think all the data is fine. I am going to plug the drives into a computer and try to get the data back. Anybody tried this before?

hi you might modify some drive data if you connect the drives separately to a computer.

if your hardware has failed, then the usual way to access the data again is via the migration process, to another compatible replacement model, for example as mentioned here:

i mentioned this a coupe of times today though the migration process is a pretty good way of accessing good diskpacks again, for example as another user recently successfully did a migration process here:
also, if you are in support, i think it would be worth raising a ticket for the support team, especially if it is a relatively new drobo that has encountered a problem.