5D Dashboard drivers not fully baked for MacOS Sierra

Hardware: Mac 6,1 (late 2013 MacPro - the small black cylinder thing); Two (2) 5D’s connected via thunderbolt on independent MacPro T-bolt channels; MacOS 10.12. One of these 5D’s was put in service about a year ago, when an earlier version of Drobo’s Dashboard would allow for multiple volumes to be created at the time of first initialization, with 5 Seagate 8TB HDD’s (the good desktop kind of Seagate 8TB HDD’s). It’s Crucial branded MSATA = 480GB. A second 5D was added after the release of Dashboard 2.8.3 (which for some damn reason DROBO in its wisdom cut out the option of creating multiple volumes during initialization; just one more great user-oriented decision, Drobo!). That 2nd 5D was built exactly like the first one, except for the different version of Drobo Dashboard that managed it’s creation, and it’s Crucial branded MSATA = 250GB + 5 good desktop Seagate 8TB HDD’s.

Not that it would make any difference to the problem (below), but both MSATA’s report 100%

So, two identical 5D’s, the only difference being one was initialized with an earlier Dashboard and has a different size MSATA.

THE PROBLEM: the 5D that was initialized with Dashboard 2.8.3 more often than not does not fully come ready when the Mac boots. The desktop icon will not show up. When Drobo Dashboard is launched, it sees that 5D and shows only the upper 8TB drive installed (when in fact, it’s fully populated with 5 8TB HDD’s). If the Mac is re-booted (restart) after it’s initial cold startup, that second troublesome 5D shows up normally and functions normally from that point on until the next cold start up.

A possible related issue is that when the same Mac is put to sleep, most of the time when it’s woken, I have error messages that the Drobos, including a Drobo Elite on it’s isolated NIC, were inappropriately unmounted. The Elite as you know is an iSCSI device, but as long as ATTO continues it’s excellent support, it works like a champ (except for waking from OD sleep).

These issues seem to indicate T-bolt and sleep related issues with the Drobo drivers. I’d like to see what others think.

hi edanderson,
for your first part, i also enjoy (and need) the multiple volumes options, (in my case 2TB volumes) so you’ll always get a plus 1 from me :slight_smile:

for your main issue, can i ask what size is the max volumes on that 5D (via 2.8.3)?
it could be partly also affecting things, such as some points as mentioned here:

there do seem to be some niggling issues regarding sleeping, and macs mainly from what i can remember… can i check if you have tried swapping the cables between the two 5D’s (as a test), and also swapping the ports they use (as an additional test)?

can you also try using dashboard to shutdown the drobo elite, and then also unplugging it, and trying another boot up test.

(ideally, and just to try and eliminate anything regarding sleep being a cause, can you try the tests with fresh bootups of all hardware, and with using dashboard to safely shutdown each drobo before reboots?

btw, how often do you run a chkdsk on a volume?

Occasionally - all volume hierarchies and good to go; part of regular maintenance.

thanks for the info, (i almost didnt see some of the quoted text at first) :slight_smile:
yes regular maintenance is good to do.

for the max volume sizes, im still on dashboard v2.5.3, and if that “feature” has been removed, then i do think it needs reconsidering… it could be that there were a lot of support requests being created about not wanting multiple volumes, and maybe it was mainly to address that, though if that is the case i will also be suggesting that instead, 1 extra popup screen appears when setting up the drobo for the first time, to simply act as a tutorial message, to help inform new users of the pros or cons about the volumes, instead of removing that “feature” completely.

(there may have been other reasons though so am still on the hunt for more rationale) :slight_smile: