5C Question about drive vs share performance

I have 31TB worth of drives in my 5c (20TB avail), it has created 11 Drives of 2TB each and is very annoying. I have total of 13 TB of data on the drives. I am in the process of copying off all the data to External drives and to my other drobo 4. then I will reformat the 5C.

I have a Q and I kind of know the ans , but want to ask. I appreciate your response.

  1. Which is better to have Multiple Drives (D,E,F,…) or 1 volume with a number of folders inside?
  2. From a data perspective will there be the same amt of space available with 1 volume vs Multiple drives?
  3. Booting up a computer with 11 drives slows down the boot up process, correct?

My take on answers:

  1. 1 volume with folders nested
  2. 1 volume will be far more efficient in terms of available space
  3. Probably/marginally.

Key item is: always keep an updated external copy of your data.

kinda hard to keep a 15-20GB backup copy of data :frowning: I cross my fingers everyday that my Drobo never dies. I have had the 4 drive bay for a number of years with no issues, then figured it may die on me soon so I purchased the 5C. Without the drobo I got tired of losing my data and having to pay to have it restored. This has been a good solution and piece of mind for me.

Thank you for the response

Well my drobo still didn’t work with new power supply. Seems like my only option is to pay HUNDREDS to a service to get my data or see if I can find a used or new 5C and hope putting in drives in it will still contain my data. If anyone else have any suggestions please let me know.

Guess I should have left the damn thing alone and not try to get data off to other media. I was just about done when it crapped out.

This sucks.