5C not coming up (available)

So I have a 5C with 1x8TB, 4x6TB. I set up some automatic backups from all my computers to back up to it. At some point, it got 100% full. The drive would show up, but it would never show in drobo dash. The top light is red, the rest are green. If I take out all the drives, it will shows up in drobodash. I can get logs, but I don’t see anything in it from 2/27 until the day I took the drives out (4/23).

I’m swapping out the 5x8TB with 5x16TB in my 2 main drobos. I took one of the 8TB and cloned the 8TB from the failing 5C. After I cloned it, I put it back in the failing 5C. Now it comes up, the top light turns red and it turns off. I put in the original 8TB into it and it does the same thing: red light and then turns off. I haven’t yet taken all the drives out and looked at the logs.

So I would like to get some of the data off of that and get it working again. Suggestions? I’m guessing one of the 6TB is causing this issue. I don’t have any other 6TB. What will happen when if I bit-wise clone the 6TB to a 8tb? What can I look for in the logs to see what drive is failing? I had planned on cloning 8(#4)->8tb, 6 (#1) ->8TB (former #4), 6 (#2)->6TB (former #1), 6 (#3) ->6tb (former #2), and 6 (#5) ->6tb (former #3).

So, the unit comes up with either the original 8TB or the cloned 8TB like it did before. All green lights, but a red top light. The drive letter shows up, but it never connects to drobodash and I can never access it. Should I

  1. clone the 6TB to an 8TB and put it in?
  2. remove the top 6TB and put in a clean 8TB?

ok, I tried to clone a 6TB to an 8TB and put it in. The unit came up and then started rebuilding right away. I have tried it in a couple computers. It comes up as the drive letter, but doesn’t ever connect to drobodash. I also can’t get into the drive when I click on the letter. It just times out. I will update after the rebuild is done.

still rebuilding.

finished rebuilding. Now the top drive is orange, but it’s still not showing up in drobo dashboard and I only see the drive letter, can’t get in. Tempted to swap the top 6tb for a 8TB and see what is up. Might pull all the drives and dump the logs first.