5C for Backup AND Archived Files

I want to set up my Drobo to run backups or cloning PLUS I want to have a separate volume on Drobo to store archived files. I’m on a MacBook Pro, running OSX 10.15, with internal storage of only 500GB. I have 7TB in the Drobo. How do I partition the Drobo and access the drives?

Is this any help?
You could use that to assign a dedicated partition for backups.

This is helpful and I think I had done this previously. The problem is mounting the non-TimeMachine drive. Is there a button in the dashboard for that? or do I have to do it through DiskUtility?

You’ll have to wait for another Mac user or hunt up the Drobo 5C user guide, In Windows as long as it’s formatted on the Drobo, as indicated in the dashboard, it just shows up.

Thanks! Checking User Guide