5C DEAD.. what now

OMG !!
I have been a drobo fan for years, never had any problems. I was in the process of copying data off my drobo to change from multiple shares to one volume, it cut off… then I rebooted… turned it on and it connected… started to copy and then all of a sudden it cut off again. restarted computer… nothing… push the button… nothing… pulled the HD’s out and they are warm, nothing more than usual…

NOW when I look at the button the green light blinks and with each blink the fan blows. WTF

I dont know what to do, I have so much data on this thing.

WELL after researching I decided to purchase a new power supply to see if that is the issue, if it is I will GET MY DATA OFF and look into another type of storage, esp since DROBO support is nonexistant. This thing is only about 2y old. I hope the power supply fixes the issue. … AND Now that I think about it the drobo would go off every now and then for the past 2-3 months… BUT i never thought anything about it… Maybe the power supply was actually going bad. Wish me luck!

It’s likely your power supply, they’re a known weakness, but easy & inexpensive to replace.

That will probably fix it, but I’d suggest looking into a backup solution for your data, you’ve just seen the potential risk of keeping it all on one unit, regardless what make that unit is. You need more than one copy, hardware can fail.

I definitely agree!! I will purchase some drives to not attach to drobo or computer and backup frequently. In the past I have had about 5 drives die… it totally sux.


Sad news… the power supply did not work… guess I will try to find a drobo 5c for sale, but doubtful will be able to find… this sucks.