5 solid yellow lights on reboot after firmware update

Hi. I hope someone on here has some useful info.
I updated the firmware on my Drobo 5D as Drobo Dashboard was indicating. The Drobo restarted but instead of coming back its now stuck with 5 yellow lights on the right hand side and a yellow power indicator. The fan also comes on full.
I have tried a reset using the button on the rear although I cant find an exact step by step anywhere for the 5D only the 5N etc.
I’m thinking the update has bricked the device!!
Any help gratefully appreciated.

The user guide on resetting your 5D is here:


There is no factory reset button / pin-hole on the 5D. To reset the Drobo, you need to do this from the Drobo Dashboard, however it will erase all data on your HDDs, therefore I would suggest you do the following:

Turn off your Drobo and remove cables (to be sure)
Remove your HDDs in order, mark them for peace of mind, and note which slot they came from
Take 2 spare HDDs and insert them and restart the Drobo.
If the Drobo starts to initialise them, let it complete and check it is navigable on your Drobo Dashboard
If it doesn’t, reset the Drobo using the guide until this new array is active.
Power down the Drobo, remove the 2 HDDs and reinsert your original HDD array in order in the same slot locations.

Good Luck.

Hi. Thanks for taking the time to try to solve this. The big problem is not being able to see the Drobo via DD at all. I have inserted two freshly formatted drives into the device and powered it up connected via thunderbolt to my Mac. The Drobo just powers on, displays 5 yellow lights down the right side and a yellow status light bottom left. After a few seconds the fan spins up and after that it just sits there. Noisey buy otherwise unresponsive and invisible to DD. My 5Dt does have a rest pinhole on the rear but it doesn’t appear to do anything. It doesn’t appear in the DD using USB either. I can see it on the Macs thunderbolt bus in system profiler where its identified as simply 5D and as a connected device but nothing apart from that.
thanks for the help so far. Still feeling I “might” resurrect this but also that it may have just bricked itself via the firmware update.

Ah - you posted 5D originally!

Interestingly, you are the second poster today to report on a full yellow light start-up stall, however the other poster did not say that there was an earlier firmware update.

Maybe something is afoot.

Ah. Sorry. I assume the 5D covered all. I assume the t also stands for thunderbolt? The 5Dt may be a different box.
I don’t know why the hard reset seems to have effect. It’s odd for a NAS too have no factory reset.
Currently I’ve opened the box up to disconnect the battery in case it’s not powering fully down.
Will go from there.
Thanks for the input.

As I take my latest breath,

Amazing things are done on earth.

So I’ve taken the unit apart and pulled the internal battery. I reassembled it all (it was a pleasing straightforward process) and the results are: no change. Unit is sat showing 5 yellow lights and the fan on full blast. I have moved to feeling it is more likely the unit has bricked itself during the firmware update. It’s too old for Drobo to care so looks like a new NAS is in my future.

I’ll post back here if I hear of anything that might re-engage your 5Dt in the future.