5 Solid Yellow Lights after Rebuild

Hello All,

First of all thank for taking the time to read my post. I appreciate all your help in advance. I would like to explain an issue I have been having with my Drobo S (2nd Gen) for the last couple of days.

To make a long story short I have a Drobo S (2nd Gen) with 5 drives in it. I had 4x 2TB and 1x 3TB. My Drobo was getting pretty full I had like 4% free space left so I swapped a 2TB drive for another 3TB drive. The Drobo did it’s thing and started rebuilding. The rebuild took about 36 hours. I was able to see the status from the Drobo Dashboard. At the end of the rebuild the Drobo disconnects from the Drobo dashboard and all the drive LED’s turn solid Yellow. It stays like that and the disk activity light does not flash so the drives are not rebuilding anymore. I found this very weird so I tried to shut the Drobo off with the off switch at the back but nothing. So I had no choice but to turn it off by unplugging the power cable. When the Drobo booted back up it showed 4 Green lights and 1 red light for the drive I had just added and if I waited a couple of minutes it would start the complete rebuild once again.

So I let that go again and once again it ended with 5 solid Yellow LED’s.
What I did next was after the reboot I took out the drive with the Red LED. By doing this the Drobo stays connected to the Dashboard and I can access all my data but the Drobo is 100% full with no data protection of course. I tested the new drive with the WD utility and the drive is 100% fine. I even but the old 2TB back in for a complete rebuild and it still ends with 5 solid yellow lights. So what I did next was what we see on the forums. I shut the drobo down safely from the dashboard and turned my PC off. I then took all the drives out one by one. I booted the drobo and the PC up with no drives in it for it to reset correctly. I then turned eveything back off again and then put my drives back in, in the correct order with the tested 3TB drive in the bay where I would get the red light. It did a complete 36 hour rebuild again and still ended with the Drobo disconnection and 5 solid Yellow lights.

I called Drobo up and of course they told me that the unit was out of warranty and I needed to pay 99$ dollars to get support without any guarantee that they would solve my issue. They told me to turn to the forum for help. I read the forum for countless hours to see that some people have the solid yellow light issue but with no official solution from Drobo.

Any help here would be greatly appreciated. Once again thank you in advance for taking the time to read this long post and I will make sure to follow up with anyone who answers this post.

Best regards.[hr]
By the way I also forgot to add that I also tried erasing a bunch of stuff to make some space.
I brought my Drobo to 5% free space with 4 drives in it and when I added my 3TB drive it shows 21% free space. It tried to rebuild with 21% free space and it makes it to the very end but ends with a Drobo disconnect from the dashboard and 5 solid yellow lights.

Thought I should add this before someone suggest’s that I free up some space :slight_smile:

Thank you

hi mrpx, when i first read your post, i was going to suggest freeing up some more space (when you were able to access the drobo and data with the 4 drives in), in order to help the rebuild continue. It sounds as though you tried that but i was wondering if you could try to free up more space than the 5% mark if possible?

first of all, can i check whether you can actually get back to that working state with 4 drives and data being available?
if so, i would like to recommend making a backup of your data before we try anything else, (or at least as much of the most important data as is possible)?

Hello Paul,

First of all thank you for responding. As for the backup of my stuff I have made peace with losing the stuff if I have to. The reason that the drobo with only 4 drives is super slow to transfer the data. So transferring terabytes of data will be super long. I have also noticed that when making up some free space on the drobo the drobo would start filling back up by itself little by little for some reason. Let’s say I am willing to lose my data if some of our manoeuvres go wrong what is the first manoeuvre you would like me to try to see if we can get a complete rebuild and potentially save my data.

And also to answer your other question yes I can get accesible data if I pop the 3TB in bay 1. It will show Red light for Bay 1 and green lights for bay 2 to 5 but I will be able to acces my data even though the drobo will be very slow.

Once again thank you for your help.[hr]

Hello Paul,
I thought you might be interested in knowing this. Before trying my last rebuild I had gotten my drobo to 5% free space with 4 drives by deleting a ton of stuff. Then i popped in my new 3tb drive and let it rebuild. Of course the rebuild failed at the very end and gave me 5 yellow lights. So I did what I needed to do to get my Drobo detected again which is turn it off and remove the drive in my top bay. Now I get the drobo to connect. I get my 4 green lights and 1 red one as it should but my Drobo is back to 0% free space and what I erased is still deleted. So now I have to remove more stuff and lose more stuff. This Drobo drive upgrade is turning out to be a nightmare and its sad to say but Drobo doesnt seem to care. All they say is you have no more warranty buy a 1 time drobo care for 99$ and then we will try to help you but we cant tell you for sure if we will be much help. Very dissapointing. Looks like they just want to sell new Drobos.

But once again Paul I am glad that there are people like you willing to give a helping hand.

thanks for more info,

its good that the data is still available, (even if slow), though one thing that is interesting, is that you mentioned that on its own, it was filling up again…

can i check if you have any other windows programs running, which might possible be using the drobo (or possibly using it as for temporary space) or saving things to it? (for example on a mac, time machine can eat up space with automatic or scheduled backups, so am just wondering what could be eating up space). also other tools like antivirus or search indexing can slow things down too.

if that is the case, then you might see your drobo speed increase quite a bit, which will hopefully make backups quicker and more appealing :slight_smile:
(if you are not sure about the other programs though, one idea could be to try starting up windows in safe mode, and then trying to free up some more space again to see)

if there are still problems though, then it might be worth getting a support case as there are lots of internal info in the logs which they can analyse in case something else is causing a specific problem, but we’ll try to help here as much possible too