4tb Drive Support?

Afternoon all. Does anyone know if the pro support the new 4tb drives?

Depends on how you define supports

Drobo’s work with “any” SATA drives.

Previously the exception to this was when drives went past the old 2.2TB limit, now that the drobos have been updated fro larger drivers - we should be back to the situation where any 3TB+ drive will work.

However, whenever any new drive is released (regardless of size) there is always the possibility for unexpected compatibility issues to arise, so it may be wise to wait until Drobo confirm that they have qualified the drive for use in their enclosures.

Basically it should / most likely will work fine - but since you care about data integrity (why else did you buy a drobo) it may be best to wait for them to OK it (if they do…)[hr]
The knowledge base says they support 4TB drives (in general)


if that is what you were asking

Yeah I read that. Will give them a try. Thanks.

make sure you back up any irreplaceable data first

I have been waiting to see what happens with this.

I’ve been seeing 4TB Barracudas for less than $250 now. But even at that price it makes me nervous to try it with my DroboPro. Even with a backup, it would take days and days to restore TB’s of info.

Please let us know how it goes.

I’d like to know where you can find a 4TB drive for that price. Best I’ve seen is a ludicrous $350-$400.

Amazon has the GoFlex version for 225 right now. Just strip off the case and you have a bare 4TB Barracuda.

They sell out fast but they always restock between 200 and 275.[hr]
Here is the link already up to 229.


It will quit working usually when they sell out. Only 2 left right now.

I’m posting this at 1:18 CST

So now a few hours later Amazon is sold out. And the only 1 (yes 1) available is from a reseller for an insane price. So if this works I recommend you wait and they will be back in stock.

Ah, I’ve seen that. My concern there is you have no warranty on those drives once you take them out of the case (and only a measly two years in the case). It boggles my mind though that the external GoFlex version is so much cheaper than the bare drive, and the only difference is the warranty!

It seems BH is selling DroboPro bundles with 8x 4TB Deskstar 3.5" SATA III Internal Hard Drives. I’m not sure if they’re doing it themselves or with support from Drobo - it would be good to know.