4 Red Lights on no one is home

I have a 2 1 TB WD drives in my 2nd gen drobo, connected to and Airport Extreme BaseStation. After filling the drive up I decided to add 2 additional 500 GB drives. After putting the second drive in (I did some research before and found out that it was okay to add multiple drives at a time) all 4 lights are red and the drive will not be recognized. In hind site I should have just put the one drive in a let it sit for a bit.

Any ideas on how to get the drobo to be recognized and to add more drives properly?

Thanks in advance.


Perhaps remove the two new drives you just added and let it reorganize, then add the new drives one at a time?

Or you can try the following:

Please try the following steps to impose a full reset without compromising data:

Safely shut down your Drobo or safely shut down your DroboPro.
Shut down your computer.
Eject all drives (you only have to drag them out about two inches and leave them in their bays).
Start your computer.
Open Drobo Dashboard. It should say “ready for connection.”
Reconnect the power cord to Drobo or DroboPro. Your Drobo or DroboPro should come up and appear in Drobo Dashboard.
Click OK in Drobo Dashboard.
Safely shut down your Drobo or safely shut down your DroboPro.
For Drobo only, disconnect the power cord.
Re-seat all drives by pushing on each until it connects firmly to the backplane.
For Drobo, reconnect the power cord. For DroboPro, flip the power toggle on the back of DroboPro.

Thanks Jennifer,

I tried the steps you mentioned, but unfortunatley I still got the red lights. Is there a way to do the hard reset (small button on the back) with the drives out, that will not end up with data loss? Also, if I have to get a new drobo, and assuming my two original drives are intact, can I simply put those drives in the new drobo and expect it to work?

Thanks again!

Yes you can do a PIN reset with no drives in.

You can also get a new drobo and move the drives over.

But I would recommend first and foremost to open a support case.

I have a similar problem and as yet after 48 hours i am still awaiting a response from your tech support, so to confirm, if the drives are out will a pin reset reset the drobo without wiping anything on the drives?

Yes and what is your case number?

hi jennifer thanks, i called uk support today, but i was told i would get a response via email as none of the tech staff were available at time of calling which was around 9.30am gmt

my case number is #100307-000012

thanks mike

Oh UK support. Sorry I do not have access to their queue.

none of these tips have worked, as a drobocare customer, i feel fairly shafted, can someone contact me from uk support asap so i can get this issue sorted…

UK support is not open at the moment.

Their hours are:

Monday – Friday, 9:00 a.m. until 17:00 CET, except on Bank Holidays, the respective National Holidays, and December 25, 26 and January 1.

yeah i know what hours uk support are, but as is being shown by this theread the only support your company is prepared to give after 48 hours is through an open forum ----- remind me why i paid for your product and support please?? :frowning:

I have no problem supporting you, neither does anyone at the US helpdesk. Its just that we don’t have access to their queue. If they have done troubleshooting with you or gotten a diagnostic file from you I would not have access to it and I would be asking you to do the same things over again. If you do not have a problem with that I will email you off of your case.

Also if the case needs to be escalated and it is determined that your Drobo needs to be replaced, no one in the US will be able to do that and the EU helpdesk will have to contact you.

It really doesn’t matter where you are does it. It’s your european support who are being slack, seriously 48 hours after i email your company, and i call and still no response, i have paid for full support, but as is clearly apparent it would appear discretionary upon continent.

Unfortunately they have limited hours then we do and we all work cases in case order number.

creativebloke, airing your frustrations at Jennifer (who’s honestly trying to help) isn’t really going to help. You need to get in contact with the UK support, and express your frustrations to their management.

If DRI is organized like where I work, the US support team doesn’t see the support revenue from the other continents, so at the end of the day, if one country’s staff helps people in other countries, they only get rewarded with scoldings. Perhaps this isn’t the case for DRI, but it’s the case with all support agencies I’m familiar with. We do have 24/7 support in my company and that is shared globally, but it costs tens of thousands of dollars.

Bhiga, i spoke to uk support this morning and was told i would get a response promptly…and here i am supportless.

Jennifer thanks for your support, but at the moment your it, i have 3 tb of data which is unaccessable because i have to sit on my hands and wait for an understaffed support department to get in touch.

I have been a drobo owner for 2 years now, and a drobocare owner since last year, before there was any UK support. I am allowed to be frustrated, this isn’t the first time this has happened, and i have been either lucky where the above steps have got my drobo back up and running with no data loss or i have lost everything.`I am genuinely scared of my DROBO due its temper, time machine wasn’t reliable in the early days, and speed has been slow. But i was prepared to put up with the fragility of the system because of the expandability, but at the moment this is the longest my drobo has been down, and i would be perfectly entitled to be upset if i lost my data.

At the moment Jennifer has been the only pro-actve member of DRI, i haven’t even had an acknowldgement email from anyone…I have $650 dollars worth of hardware sitting here uselessly (discounting data), until ‘my place in the queue’ pops up…

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be frustrated… I’m just saying that you should save it for the people who can make a difference to address your situation.

When you booted your drobo empty, were all the drive lights still red?

[align=justify]hi jennifer, yes they were :(, have tried a couple of times, with long power cycles and leaving pin in for over 5 mins.

will be calling uk support in morning, it turns out that there mail wnet in my junk mail late this evening, i stand by my comments on response time however[/align]