4 red lights come up after a drive failure

Hello, i have a drobo unit 1rst gen in wich i have 4 drives in it , a 2 Tb LP seagate , a 1Tb seagate, a 1.5TB Seagate, 1tb seagate drives … one mornig when i woke up i could hear that one of the four drives specifically the fourth in row 1Tb seagate drive has “crashed” , despite that drobo was showing 4 red lights … after i removed the bad drive drobo always comes up with this message " Too Many Hard Drives Were Removed , Please re-insert the removed Hard Drives " and i cant acsees my data drobo has the latest firmware 1.3.5 and drobo dashboard is 1.5.1
i tryied installing a 2tb seagate drive also ibut drobo stops at 4 blue lights when it starts up and then comes up with the message …

drobo error

Please open a support case.

Hello did you get any replies to your problem because I got the same problem that you mention. I have contacted the support since the 10/08 and still waiting for their reply. I have send them a log file. And since no more information.
Have you resolved your situation ? Did you loose all of your datas or were able to get them back ?
Best regards
Thans for any replies

I am having the same challenge. Did this ever get resolved? Any hope?


Please open a support case.