4 Red lights and a full capacity guage

So i start my PC today and my Drobo has all 4 red lights and the capacity guage lights are all on.

I have 3x1.5tb drives installed with 1tb free, and have tried shutting down my pc then powering off the Drobo but still the same.

Any ideas?

does dashboard connect to it? if so what does it say?

Never mind, i RTFM and found out it had overheated. problem solved.

is it particularly hot where you are?

was the fan going flat out before hand?

i’ve never actually heard of one overheating - i would worry that maybe you have a faulty fan?

When the drobo over heats, all the lights go off and the power light turns red. Is that what happened?

Basically my PC had been off all day while i was at work, when i turned the PC on all the lights went red, the capacity quage was full and the dashboard could not find it. All this time the fans were inactive.

I cycled the drobos power but the same thing happened, i then discovered the power mode light was red leading me to the over heating.

I powered off the unit overnight and tried it the following morning and all was back to normal.

It had been a warm day but the unit was in my lounge with the curtains shut and not in direct sunlight, i find this alarming as if i cannot use it in hot weather then it is pretty useless to me.

Again, what you describe is not over-heating. I would recommend opening up a support case.

Over heating: all drives lights go OFF, all cap lights go OFF and the power light turns from green to RED.