4 non-stop flashing yellow/green lights

I tried moving my Drobo via a suitcase and it slid hard. I’m so afraid I may have damaged a drive or worse. Now one of the drive lights isn’t showing up and the other 4 are flashing green/yellow non-stop. Drobo Dashboard cannot find the Drobo. I’m just sick over this. Please help!

Even if you can’t view your Drobo Dashboard, the Drobo is telling you that one drive is not registering, and the 4 others are in warning mode that you now do not have any protection on your data but it is still there and readable.

My first advice is to shut down, remove all power and data cables etc, then pull out the non-responsive drive (but not all of them), reseat it and restart. Let me know how you get on first with this?

Thank you! That drive was no longer properly installed. Must have shook loose from the “drop”. So now I’m left with all 5 drives alternating green/yellow. They have been flashing these colors all last night & still is. You are correct in that I could access the data in the Finder app. So now what?

Now you basically wait till they all turn back solid green when data protection has finished, depending on the drive sizes & how much data is involved, that could be anywhere between the next few minutes, & a couple of days from now. If the Drobo appears in dashboard between now & then, you should see a very rough guesstimate in hours of how long it thinks is left, I’ve seen such estimates in three figures of hours before.

Personally I’d be inclined to wait the protection process out before trying to troubleshoot dashboard seeing it, since I wouldn’t be wanting to disturb that process with restarts of the unit, though there should be no harm restarting the machine you’re using to access it with, which might provoke Dashboard into seeing it.

Thanks for your help!

Great to hear it was a simple reseat to solve the initial issue.

Just an aside as it rebalances your files across the system, whilst you can write to the Drobo, I would suggest you do not. It will slow down the data protection rewrite time significantly. If you can afford to leave it alone and not even access files until it has finished, that would be my recommendation. We are talking 24-48 hours then.

As a reference, I loaded a new 14TB HDD on my 5D, replacing a smaller HDD, on a system with 20TB of data and it took 38hours for data protection to complete with me avoiding accessing the file system during the process.