4 Bay Gen2 -- orange/green flashing

I realize that the Gen2 is likely no longer supported but I an encountering an issue and would appreciate some advice:

After making switch from Aperture to Lightroom I tried transferring my Aperture vault to my drobo – after 24 hours the 1TB vault almost transferred but crashed at the end.

Ever since, the drobo has been blinking Green/Orange, which I take to mean it is rebuilding. It has been dong this for two days now.

Drobo dashboard would not open so I restarted the computer (the drobo continued to flash-- I did not disconnect power to the drobo).

Now the drobo will not mount and the lights continue to flash.


  1. Any advice on how to remedy the issue using my current equipment?
  2. Might transferring the drives to another drobo allow data to be recovered?

Apologies if this is posted elsewhere but I can’t seem to find anything. I don’t know how long to wait until losing hope…

Unless you are sure the fault lies with the unit, placing the drives into another unit will not resolve/rectify the issue.

Try not to interrupt the process and give it some more time for the rebuilding process to complete.
It may take up to one day to rebuild 1 TB worth of data.

After the rebuilding completes, any the volume can be accessed, I would suggest backing up your data immediately and deleting space as you go.

You may have failing/failed drive(s), if you see any flashing red lights go ahead and replace the drive.
However, give priority to backing up your data first before replacing any drive(s).

Can you provide in update on what happened? I fear I’m in the same boat. 8- (

Or you can email me at keith@kbevphoto.com

hi kbev can you post back when you get a chance with more details about your drobo?
eg what was working before and what happened for you, and slots and drives and sizes and leds :slight_smile:

I have a 4-bay, 2nd gen. it’s got 3x3TB and 1x2TB installed. It’s about 40% capacity and have about 150k files on it (photographer here). I got it over the holidays in 2011, so it’s almost 4 years old. 2 drives have failed and been replaced. no problem. There are about 3-4TB of files on there. (the 11TB configured around 7-8TB when all said and done)

The otehr day, i was moving 500 pix off my Mac to the drobo. in the middle of that xfer it went into DPM. Then it “unmounted” (which never happened before).

Now, the 4 bay lights are blinking Orange and green (24 hours). The power light (under the faceplate) is sloid. The “activity” LED (bidirectional arrows near it) is solid. The Blue capacity lights (4 of them) are solid.

The fan comes on every once in a while. The drives don’t appear to be spinning.

Drobo tech support’s first reply said they couldn’t help bc it isn’t covered anymore. They tol dme to buy a new on and migrate, then they’d help me. I told them that i need to know if the migration will work which means: (1) the firmware needs to be the same - and I can’t check that while it’s unmounted and in DPM and (2) If i can’t get it out of DPM, i can’t physically move the drives to the new box if I buy one!


3-4TB of data, and rebuilding will take about say 4-5 days…

For now, I suggest you leave the Drobo alone and let it rebuild. Yes, is unfortunate that while is rebuilding you are not able to access the data or mount the volume. Cos’ by normal rebuilding, the volume should be able to mount and have access to data.

If for after 5days (on day 6 or 7), and the Drobo still blinking GREEN and YELLOW… the Rebuilding Process might have when idle… or hang. In this case, force power off the unit and restart it again.

Thanks Don. I think I’m going to force myself to wait until morning (after church 8- ) ) and then I’ll probably power-cycle it.

Previous DRM episodes have been <1 hour. so we’re coming up on 40 hours for this one, which is way outside the norm.

From what I can tell, none of the 4 drives have even been spinning. If it was working, at some point during this time, I think they would have moved.

When it unmounted, i turned off my Mac. I needed to get it mounted so i could find the SN and submit a help ticket. The mac wouldn’t reboot with the USB plugged in, so i pulled that. Right now, it’s plugged in but unmounted.

So I’m guessing that when i power cycle it, i should unplug the USB. then the power. After than, wait a minute and reconnect the power. Then connect the USB and turn on my mac.

Does that sound like the right sequence?

hi, if the activity light is solid, it could be that the mac is somehow still using it.

if you are going to power cycle the drobo,
try to shutdown the mac first
then to unplug the usb cables
and then give the drobo mins on its own before powercyling it.
(if it is not doing anything, it usually goes into drobo standby mode, but in your case it “should” be doing a rebuild but if you need to power it off it wait 5mins, then power off, wait a few mins, and then you can power it back on with nothing else attached)

(btw maybe i havent had enough coffee, but what did you mean by dpm?) :)[hr]
Also: please try and use the CPV method going forward if you can,
eg instead of moving files,
Copy them
Paste them somewhere
Verify the copy

this way, you can be more sure that the destination has a copy of the data before you zap them, and can also be easier to keep track of, in case of a computer crash or something during the move.
(i used to move, until i learned the hard way) but its better to learn from others sometimes :slight_smile:

What Paul said is correct. Please follow to power cycle the Drobo.

By the way, the Serial Number of the Drobo is also physically label under the Drobo Gen2 unit.
When you powered OFF the Drobo, turn it over and at the bottom of the unit…there should be a label with the Serial Number.

(quick safety note) - if you power off drobo and want to turn it upside down, try to remove the drives first so that there is less weight in case it stresses the backplane. once you put drobo the right way up again, you can put the drives back into where they came from, and then power up again.

i forgot the serial number was on the bottom don - luckily i still have the boxes with shipping lable that came with drobo and its on that too :slight_smile: