4-Bay Gen 2 Mounts and Dismounts

OSX: 10.10.5
Drobo Dashboard: 2.6.4
Drobo Firmware: 1.4.1

My Gen 2 Drobo has just begun consistently dismounting about 1-2 minutes after mounting. As far as I can tell the following things are true:
-It happens when connected via FW800
-It happens with all three cables I have tested (one of which is brand new, purchased specifically for testing this)
-It seems to not happen when connected via USB
-Drives are all happy, status is green
-Other FW drives attached to same port on computer stay connected

Anyone experience anything like this? It’s maddening.

Also, and this could very easily be coincidence, the drive seemed to be ok a couple days ago. I updated OSX to 10.11 (El Capitan), and noticed the problems. I then rolled back to 10.10.5, and the problems have persisted. Like I said, I can’t be sure that the problems began when I updated the OS.

Thanks a million in advance!

hi max,
it could well be coincidence, (but could also be that the roll back possibly did not fully roll back?)
was your previous version of mac, getting minor updates and patches automatically? (maybe something changed on the mac that affected things, but that it was still there when you rolled back from el capitan?

i do not actually have a mac, but over the years, the perception seems to be that the most reliable connection method for a mac is usb.

one good way to test the rollback could be if you have another computer or friend who is still on that version, you could test it.

ok… looks like FW800 is unstable for some reason but USB 2.0 is ok.

If you have another Mac that has never been updated to El Capitan and still on Yosemite… can you connect this Drobo using FW800 to this Mac and see if the FW800 connection suffers the same connection drops.

Another way to go “troubleshooting” is to connect the Drobo Gen2 using FW800 to the First Mac… let it mount and wait for it to drop… then go grab the OSX System.log. Maybe the system.log will reveal some clues… to what happened.

Does this applies to your setup?


Thanks Paul, Don, and Sebastian. I did a bit of digging, and it appears that, at least for a good portion of people with a similar problem, v2.6.4 of Drobo Dashboard was the culprit. I did a full uninstall of that and downloaded 2.6.3. So far (fingers crossed, crucifix kissed, breath held) the Drobo has stayed connected. It’s been about 15 minutes, but that’s the longest I’ve seen since this problem began. For whatever reason, I think that 2.6.4 was the beginning and end of the issue. Frustrating, but I’m glad it appears to be working!

ok cool, fingers (and arms) crossed that it keeps working fine for you :slight_smile:

Update, it’s been connected all day now. It looks like it was indeed 2.6.4.

Good to hear that…

its cool you got it working again…

i was just wondering something… if a drobo can work without dashboard, then im just wondering whether having 2.6.4 installed would still prevent you from accessing the drobo (when dashboard isnt running)? (its just a thought, so please dont change your setup just to test this though) :slight_smile: