4 Bay Firewire drobo, laptop disconnected, did I lose my data?

As the title says, I have the Gen2 4 Bay Firewire 800 drobo, and I’ve been using it in the same configuration for YEARS now without an issue. I got an alert that I was extremely low on disk space (less than 500MB remaining) and was prompted to replace one of the 1TB drives with a larger drive.

After inserting the new drive, the Drobo said it was in Data Protection" mode while it was rebuilding, but during the course my laptop kernal paniced and had to be restarted. I disconnected all wires previous to the restart without thinking, and I don’t know if I disrupted the rebuild, or if a laptop connection is even required for the rebuild to continue. It seems like it kept going, but when I re plugged it in, Drobo dashboard can see the drobo at first, but then it can’t. The drobo mounts, but I cannot see the contents, I just get beachball. Also I can’t unmount the Drobo at all.

All this time, the drobo has all 4 lights flashing green and orange, but as I can’t see the data and the software is having issues even seeing the drive, I’m a little nervous that my laptop freezing could have borked all my data.

Do I just wait? Is this thing still rebuilding?

Update, I guess. I let the rebuild continue for a few days, and now I’m showing 4 green lights. However, I cannot seem to view the contents of the drive. I plug it in, and I see the Drive icon in finder, and when I click on it, I get nothing. Either it crashes finder or just nothing happens. I cannot open Disk Utility when the Drobo is mounted, at all.

I don’t know what to do. I’ve added/exchanged disks in the past without issue. Can someone out there reading this please help me?? I cannot begin to describe what I’ve lost if I cannot retrieve this data.