3rd drive not showing existing content

I just set up my new 5N, put two drives in and it formatted them. Told me that only the 1st two drives had to be formatted.

I put a 3rd drive in that I am pretty sure had some old data on it, but even after updating the total storage capacity in the dashboard and mounting the drobo as a network share as drive H:, I see no existing data of any kind other than a lost+found folder with nothing in it.

Am I incorrect in assuming that I can add any drives after the 2nd with existing data on the drive so that I can save some time copying it onto the total Drobo disk share?

Please advise.

hi moriturimax,
if you have any drives that have data on them that you still need, it is best to copy them somewhere else first, (and verify the copy if you can), before putting that drive into a drobo. this is because the drobo will essentially delete any existing data when it assimilates a drive into the diskpack.

if you have just done this, and the drobo is in a stable state, and you really want to try and possibly salvage some of your old data, you could try to remove that drive (and then using a stand-alone drive caddy or direct single connection you could try to either clone it or try some disk searching utilities to try and recover some fragments) but that will likely take some cost and time, and may not recover things.

No problem. (I’m moriturimax, that account never allowed me to sign in on my drobo, kept saying no account, so I made this new one).

The confusing part is that the instructions all EMPHASIZE that the FIRST TWO drives will be formatted, but offers no warning at all saying any additional drives also will be formatted. Might want to add that to the instructions in a clear warning/caution.

Didn’t have anything I needed that I hadn’t saved elsewhere on that drive… thanks for the clarification.

hi goodfella, (max),
in my book/manual that came with the drobo ive got that warning on page 7. (it should be there in all manuals, though i seem to remember making a feedback post in the past that it would also be good to have an extra 1 page instruction sheet to mention that fact again)

either way though, am glad that you had any needed data backed up somewhere first. (and btw the new nickname is ok - you make good pizzas too) :slight_smile: