32 bit Drobo Dashboard, macOS Catalina

Hello. I have a Drobo 5D and when I upgraded to macOS Catalina, I received a warning that Drobo Dashboard will be incompatible with the next version of MacOS. Is there any plans on updating Drobo Dashboard?


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I have the same question now that I’ve updated to macOS 10.15.4.

I too have this warning and now i’m afraid to uodate my Mac in case it trashes my Drobos

I also have the same issue. I re-installed the latest version of Drobo Dashboard for my B810n and the dashboard refuses to find my Drobo. The Mac OS (Catalina 10.15.4) will allow me to access the Drobo, but I have no controls, health monitoring, app access, etc. Is there plans to write a 64-bit Dashboard to work with the latest Mac 64-bit OS?