3 Disk Failure in 6 weeks


I had 3 out of 4 disk failure in 6 weeks. I use Seagate Barracuda 3GB and 4GB. Could it be cause by the Drobo 2gen. It’s connected on a iMac with Firewire 800.


do you have any more info about your drobo setup?

if you only got the drobo gen2, within those 6 weeks, then it could possibly be down to the unit, or maybe you had a bad batch of drives? (if you check the serial numbers, they might show if they came from the same batch)

usually when there are firewire problems, trying a usb connection is good, but if it’s the actual unit reporting that the drives themselves are bad, then its probably not the cable

I’m about to explode! Same thing has happened to me. top 3 drives have all failed. connected to macbook pro retina. WD caviar greens.