3 critical warnings in 24 hours!

I’ve had 3 critical warnings from Drobo in the last day. The first was yesterday early in the morning while I was at work. I VNCed in to take a look at the dashboard and it flashed for a while, a drive went solid red for a very brief moment saying to replace, then it rebuilt for a few minutes and said all was fine. Later when I was home it did the same thing, though I didn’t notice if it singled out a drive again. Just 15 min ago it did it again, though this time it was a little different. It gave me the following alerts:

ok, pretty standard so far… I was watching it over VNC again at this point…
Now it singled out a different drive than the first time and the bay appeared to be empty and yellow, and I got this one:

Finally the drive reappeared and it’s currently rebuilding with about 2 hours remaining and I got this one:

Do you think all these alerts are cause to open a support request? I’m getting a little nervous. Luckily I recently backed up all 9TB!

yes, definitlely send in your logs and ask them what its doing and why

Thank you, I will. Quick follow-up, should I wait for it to finish the current rebuild before I export the logs?


Please wait until after your drobo has finished rebuilding before generating a diagnostic log.

But honestly, it looks like a drive was not recognized, maybe a time out. So it generated a rebuild process. With that drive missing, you became low on space. Then the drobo saw the drive again.

Yeah, that makes sense for today’s incident, but the two previous didn’t go quite the same way. Also, getting 3 so close together out of the blue is a bit worrying.

Anyway thank you, I will wait until the rebuild finishes and open a case.

Update: Tonight Drobo alerted me that a drive had failed. It was the same drive that had caused the 2 hour rebuild earlier today. I’ve gone ahead and pulled it out. I’m writing zeros to it now to see what happens, should be done tomorrow morning (it’s a 2TB). Now Drobo is rebuilding again - 29 hours left. I’m going on vacation tomorrow for 5 days and I was hoping to shut it down before I left to avoid any more problems while I’m away. Would it be possible/safe to shut down during a rebuild?

It’s best to let the relay out process complete but if you must turn it off do the following:

Turn off your computer.
Unplug the FW cable then the power.

When you are back with the drobo, turn on your computer then plug in the FW then the power.
The relayout process will start where it left off.

Thanks, I’ll just let it do its thing then. I’ll VNC in tomorrow and shut it down when it’s done.

You can shut down your computer. Once the relayout process completes the drobo will put itself into standby mode.