3.2.1 Firmware Released

Drobo is proud to announce the release of the 3.2.1 firmware for the 5N.

Release Notes

[]Fixed an issue where control permissions for network shares are ignored when accessed from a
Mac OS X based host and the protocol is afp. This issue was introduced with Drobo 5N firmware
version 3.2.0, which was only available from the Drobo website for a short period of time.
]Improved the relayout performance after a drive has failed
[]Updated Netatalk for improved support of network shares via AFP
]Improved the way we handle Python and Perl dependencies for certain Drobo Apps.
[]Fixed the network security issue exposed by the Shellshock bug.
]Misc performance and stability improvements.

Drobo Support

A word of warning, I updated my 5N to 3.2.1 and now I’m unable to access any shares on it. Not saying this is definitely going to happen if you update your unit, but there does seem to be a real possibility of it occurring. Trying to get support from Drobo on the issue is a real nightmare too.

Are you using Windows or Apple shares?

I have no problems with Windows shares after this update, but it did brake NFS app that I was using.

Funny…isn’t that what caused 3.2.0 to get pulled?

SMB shares.

Nothing new there (bolding mine)

I am running 3.2.0 and don’t use afp. Do I need to bother? It looks like nothing else is in this release, am I right?

I feel like I’m taking my life into my own hands every time I do an upgrade.

Applied the update to mine tonight, after the reboot it shows a drives failure, but all the disks show good. I am also not able to access any of my shares from my MAC. General Health status show critical as well.
Opened a case and hope to get some results quickly!!

Weird. I had 3.2.0 installed and had huge problems on Mac accessing the shares. Now with 3.2.1 I have no problems to access shares on my Mac nor on Windows. No issues at all so far.

My upgrade path was from 3.1.1 to 3.2.0 to 3.2.1. I did not jump from 3.1.1 fo 3.2.1 directly. Might the problem be there?

Same thing here, under 3.2.1 smb shares are no longer visible even though dashboard is fine and media devices still see content through Media Tomb app. You cannot even see the Drobo itself when browsing the network.

here is fix for any one having this issue and what is actully broken, its not the shares it is not the files or the drives, the they messed up the device and device name, so that it is no longer able to be seen on network.

pretty much the drobo device name is hidden now from the networks.


You have two known workarounds.
Option 1) Create a new share. You can leave it empty. The simple act of crating the share will cause all your SMB shares to magically begin working. You should be fine as long as you don’t reboot. If you reboot the Drobo your shares will not be visible again. Just rename your newly created share to something else, and everything will work again. Now just sit back and wait for a permanent patch from Drobo. If you need a more permanent solution, and you can’t wait for a patch try option 2.

Option 2) You will be basically backing up your Drobo 5N, reinitializing, and restoring the data back on to your Drobo. This will take time and you will need to find some place to temporarily store your data. (You should have a back up of your data anyways, and now is probably a good time as any.)

  1. Create a new share. All your SMB shares will magically begin working. Don’t modify anything else. (Thanks to davel23 for discovering this.)
  2. Move or Copy your data off Drobo. (You should have spare drives for the sole purpose of cold storage. You’re not keeping a single copy of all of your data on the Drobo right? right? tisk tisk)
  3. Upgrade Drobo firmware to 3.2.2. (I was unable to test with 3.2.1 firmware)
  4. Reinitialize (factory reset)
  5. Create new shares
  6. Upload your data back to the Drobo.
  • This will take a lot of time.
  • You will need spare drives to temporarily store your data.
  • This is safe, as you will have a copy of your data before any potentially dangerous Drobo modifications.
  • SMB shares will persist even after a reboot.
  • I know this process has been successfully tested on two other Drobo 5N’s.

There has been some criticism on step 1… Stating that your drobo -is- your back up, and I totally get that. I’m not asking you to get another drobo and more drives… Heck I can’t justify that kind of spending. Buy yourself as many 6Tb drives that you will need to hold your data. Pop them into your PC or externally with a USB3 to SATA adapter. When are done with them; you can return the drives back to the store, increase the capacity of your 5N, uhh actually use them for cold storage, or just whatever you want. If you are really short on cash, think out of the box, maybe try burning to bluray at 25Gb or 50Gb at a time.