2TB Seagate Barrcuda XT with 6Gbs SATA - In Drobo ?

What about the “2TB - Seagate Barrcuda XT with 6Gb/s SATA” ?

  1. Does Drobo work with it, since it has a 6Gb/s SATA Interface, instead of a 3Gb/s SATA Interface ?

  2. … Will 6Gb/s SATA Interface cause any problems with Drobo S when accessed either via USB or eSata ?

  3. How is the perceivable noise vs. the 7200.11 ?

  1. yes - its backwards compatible

  2. no… see 1)

  3. i dont know, check their spec sheets and see what their stated noise levels are

6Gb/s SATA is a huge overkill for drobo!
(These disks will never reach their full potential in drobo.)

Save your money and buy some cheaper disks like WD Green series.

I see your point ! … But. at least I know now (from Docchris, reply )that once all hard drives, in the future, are only made with 6gbs SATA interface they will work in the Drobo and that is good to know !!![hr]


(2) Questions, Just to confirm:

You indicated that: 6Gb/s SATA - Hard Drives can be used in a Drobo S, when accessed via USB and eSata without causing any problems.
… But suppose my PC only has USB 2.0 Ports and a SATA Controller Card which only was designed for 3GB/s SATA ?

1. Will there be any problems/issues accessing/using the 6GB Sata Drives in the Drobo S ?

2. Will only issue be that I only get data transfer thru-put of 3GB/s because of the limlitation of my 3GB Sata Controller Card and USB 2.0 Port ?

drobo itself does not support 6Gbps SATA, therefore a compatibility mode to SATA II will be used and eSATA port of the drobo is not a bridged port (no direct access to disc drives) therefore again you will receive SATA II.

So, it will work, but 6Gbps SATA will not be fully utilized performance wise.

A Barracuda XT will work in a Drobo, but:

  • It is more expensive then, for instance, a Western Digital GP.
  • It will not improve speed at all.
  • It will generate more heat and the fan of the Drobo will work harder, generating more sound.

You buy a Drobo because it allows easy upgrade to larger space and different sizes of drives. Drobo is not the choice for high performance.

The fan in a Drobo generate more sound then any normal drive. If sound is a concern, you must use low power drives.