2nd Volume creation?

Hi, i have hit the 16tb limit (2 x 6tb and 3 x 4tb drives) of the Drobo 5N

Alas this now means i have a little blue slice on the dashboard that signifies i have gone over the 16tb volume limit, i know you can create a second volume with the B8000FS, does anyone one know how do you do the same with the Drobe 5n?

P.S. yes i’m aware that the 6tb are not on the officially sanctioned drive list.

I’m also using 5x6T on a new Drobo 5N and have 5.76Tb unallocated space from 21.76Tb total (i.e. 30Tb minus overheads etc). No immediate problem, because I have oodles of space on this backup system, but I’m wondering how best to use the last 5Tb before the drive starts to fill up?

  1. Will there be a firmware change for beyond 16Tb - mac goes to several exabytes nowadays?
  2. Is 16Tb the finite limit so I’d be better off using the remaining space for dual disk redundancy?
  3. Is there a way to create a second partition?

Or any other ideas?

BTW I have used drobo for years and its a great system.