2nd Generation Drobo Dashboard stopped seeing Drobo

I’m on MAC OS Catalina, upgraded my Drobo Drives and have 4 2TB drives.
Reformatted all of them, dashboard was working fine.
Created a two volumes, one volume designated for Time Machine.
Then, I had a HDD failure on one of the newly added 2TB drives.
Temporarily put in a 1TB Drive, while waiting for a replacement of the faulty drive.
NOW, the dashboard no longer sees my Drobo, Mac OS only sees 1 of the two Volumes and mounts it properly and works. The Volume I created for Time Machine has disappeared!
I’ve uninstalled, reinstalled, enabled the DDService and Dashboard in Firewall and gave it all full disk access, still NADA !
Used Drive Utility, which also doesn’t see the other volume on the DROBO.
Is there some way to do a forced reformat of the entire DROBO without using the dashboard?
I’m at my whit’s end.
If anyone has any suggestions let me know please!!!

Hi, you can check on the link below for more information on using Drobo with MAC OS Catalina: