2nd Gen Drobo (Mac) - Correct firmware and dashboard

I have updated my Drobo firmware to 1.4.2 and the dashboard to version 2.7. Problem is that my Drobo drive will disappear (unmount) off my computer. If I open it up in the dashboard - sometimes it will still see the drive (though it’s not mounted and my computer doesn’t "see it) … and sometimes the dashboard doesn’t “see it” either.

If I restart my computer, I don’t see it … though then starting dashboard will occasionally mount it – though after a couple of days it will unmount/disappear again.

This is obviously a no go since I use it as my media server.

I didn’t have this problem with earlier versions of the firmware & dashboard … though the dashboard kept bugging me to update.

What firmware version and dashboard should I be using for a Mac 2nd Gen Drobo. I saw some stuff on the Drobo site that seemed to suggest I should have the 1.4.2 firmware and the 2.6.4 version of the dashboard.

What’s your suggestion? If I downgrade, what’s the potential for corruption of my data (I have more data on my drobo than I have space elsewhere to back it up to).

Thanks for your assistance!

We have a thread over here that covers this issue: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=145324

Here are the other threads that seem to discuss it … though not sure if any of the subsequent firmware/dashboard updates were intended for the 2nd Gen Drobo -

Jan 15 - http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=143172&highlight=firmware
Same mounting problem … suggests Drobo Gen2. FW 1.4.1

Sep 14 - http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=142526&highlight=firmware
Upgrade to FW 1.4.2 – but doesn’t discuss downgrading from

Thanks … I looked through and that thread appears to discuss the opposite problem of what I am experiencing. The thread discusses the drobo drive mounting on the desktop and being able to be used … but the dashboard program not “seeing” it.

My problem, however, is that the dashboard sees it (I went back to 2.6.4 and it also “sees” the drobo) … but, even though dashboard sees it as mounted, the mac doesn’t mount it and I can’t use it.

I will try to add the Drobo onto another one of my computers to see if my other computer sees it. Oddly enough, when opening up dashboard - it sometimes mounts so I can use it - but then disappears days later for no apparent reason and the starting up dashboard “trick” no longer seems to work.[hr]
The opening the dashboard “trick” worked and temporality mounted the drobo on my desktop. I am now running the disk utility on it to see if it gives me any info.

hi i was just going to suggest a maintenance scan
i think there was another user recently who was moving a drobo to 2 different windows machines, and that a different removal method plus a scandisk helped to rectify, so fingers crossed your disk utility might find the culprit and help to rectify too.

(it may be something else but please let us know how it goes)

Disk Utility shows a greyed out drive when it doesn’t mount. I ran it when it was mounted though and it didn’t come back with any errors. I will give Diskwarrior a shot and see if it can solve the problem. It is bizarre that the dashboard “sees” it but the desktop won’t.

yes it could be that the physical device is responding to dashboard but that the volume/filesystem is not ready yet,
(possibly due to some background updates following on from the firmware) - can you hear or notice any drive activity/vibrations?