2nd gen Drobo hard drive support

Does anybody know if the 2nd gen Drobo will support a 5 TB hard drive? I thought I remember reading a long time ago the max supported size was 4tb, but I can’t find that information again. My current volume size is 16tb, so theoretically I assume I can put a drive of this size in there as long as there is hardware support for it.


You can refer to this KB… although it does not say much about Drobo Gen 2 support 5TB drive. Most users here would recommend to stick to max 4TB drive for Drobo Gen 2 (4 Bay, 2x FW800 and 1x USB 2.0).

Drobo Gen2 firmware has not been updated for awhile, it was last updated to support 3TB drive specifically as 3TB drive then was newly released in the consumer market. 4TB drive is ok as well, as some users here are using it with Drobo Gen2. Just make sure you have the latest firmware.