2nd gen drobo flashing all lights

My 2nd gen Drobo has stopped working. (At least I think it’s 2nd gen. It has 4 HDD ports, 1 USB port, and 2 Firewire 800 ports.) It isn’t recognized as attached by Drobo Dashboard on my mac, and of course the volume is not mounting. When it is plugged in, all the lights flash. The drive lights are flashing red, and the red power light at the bottom, as well as all the blue capacity lights are flashing simultaneously. It’s not a regular on/off pulsing flash. It’s more of an irregular flicker, like a lightbulb not screwed in all the way. But again, it’s all the LEDs simultaneously (4 red drive lights, the red power LED, and all the blue capacity lights).

Is this a recognized mode? My guess is that it’s not, that it’s having some critical failure mode. Is that so? Is there any hope of retaining my data on the disks?

Is the light on the power supply brick on?

The green LED on the power brick is on. It’s steady when the power cord is plugged in to the outlet, but not the Drobo. When it is powering the Drobo, it flickers in synchronization with the LEDs on the Drobo.

Might be worth trying another brick before you go too much further in troubleshooting.

Thank you for the suggestion. I saw this AC adapter on the drobo store for $69. I’m not sure that it is the correct for 2nd gen drobo. According to this drobocare page, the correct adapter for 2nd gen Drobo is “GPD80-12-7” (Global Power Corporation, 6.6A to 6.7A of current, for a total output of 80W DC); OR “EA11003A” (Edac Power, 7.5A, for a total output of 90W DC). This is consistent, the power adapter I have is a Global Power Corp A7-80S12R-W. But I cannot confirm that that’s what is available for purchase on the Drobo store. It is rather an old product, no?

Also, $69 is a lot for an AC adapter. Do you think I’ll be able to return it for a full refund if it turns out not to be the problem? Alternatively I saw adapters for $10 on ebay (this one promises to work with my device). But who knows how functional a used adapter would be.

I’m not a Drobo employee so I can’t speak to their return policy. Might be worth a try of one from eBay, but as you say your mileage may vary.

Thanks Spiney. For the record, the third party power adapter from the eBay vendor arrived today, and it appears to have restored the Drobo to full functionality. I’ve had bad luck with such adapters before, so I’ll think about whether I should shell out for the 1st party adapter from Drobo.

Now that my Drobo is powered on and functioning again, how do I get my data up and running? Do I just insert the 4 drives into the Drobo’s slots while it is powered off, and hopefully if they’re not too fried by the power issues, my filesystem is intact? I just turn it on? Do the drives have to be in the right order? I think I kept them in order, but I’m not 100% sure.


As far as I can tell, eg from migration instructions, it is not necessary to place disks in any order. In any event, my filesystem is OK, files seem to be accounted for. I’m so relieved.

Thanks for the help.

nice one spiney and well done johannon that you got things working again.

(btw, in case you have seen me mention remembering the order on some of my posts, that is usually suggested to keep the variables to a minimum, and also to not mix-up any suggestions or advice from other people they might also be working with, or with any support team instructions - but yes i believe all things being equal and working, that it does not matter which order disk packs are used, though i still try to maintain the ordering myself) :slight_smile: