2MB/s transfer via USB in W7RC1 64bit???

The heading says it all
I’ve got 2 x new 1.5Tb HDDs installed in a brand new Drobo, and am in the process of moving data from my existing 3x500Mb drives… Droboshare kept dropping connection so I’m leaving that for now.

Transfer speed starts at around 20Mb/s then after 20 seconds or so drops steadily down to about 2MB/s as reported by explorer dialog box.

Tried different hi-speedUSB cable, tried different USB port / hub. Tried starting from scratch/hard reset and reformatting volumes (NTFS)

This is not a usable device. Last chance for support before I return the drobo & droboshare as faulty and forget it. Currently transfering 4.7 Gb at 689KB/s (YES KB!). 7 hrs 30 mins remaining.

Are you copying large files or a collection of many small files? Transferring over USB on Windows 7, I can copy over a 20 gigabyte video file at about 25mbps (35mbps+ on Firewire 800 with unibrain drivers). However, if I transfer over my iTunes music collection of about 100 gigs, it transfers at less than 10mbps.

The reason is how Windows handles something called “Write Caching.” Normally, an external hard drive will wait after each file transfers over and makes sure it is intact before telling the operating system “All done,” and moves onto the next file. Because the Drobo stripes copies of the file over all your drives, it takes a little longer before telling the OS “all done,” meaning transferring a large number of files will take a long time.

There’s a way to change this behavior in Vista and Windows 7. You’ll find the info here:

If I were you, however, I would only use this method to make your initial migration, then change the setting back to “Quick Removal.” If you have it set to “Performance” all the time, you could risk file corruption if you unplug the Drobo before properly ejecting or putting it in standby.

Thanks for the suggestion - but no change.
This is absolutely ridiculous - and a complete waste of valuable time not to mention money.
Trying to transfer 1.5Tb at 984 KB/s??? It’s not going to happen.

Why the HELL should it be this slow?

Windows 7 RC1 64Bit, USB2 HiSpeed via hub or via direct to motherboard port(s).
Nothing else running except explorer.
All cables known good.
2 Brand new 1.5tb WD Greens. Known good.

Any suggestions anyone?

I generally get ~20MB/s throughput via USB when transfering large files. I’ve seen it drop to 2MB/s or so when transferring a lot of small files- maybe average 10-50KB each. A lot of that is windows… and I see more or less the same thing with any external hard drive, or maybe een internal drives. I don’t have terrabytes of small files to transfer so I’ve never studied it closely. I’ve used XP and Vista with the Drobo.

What are the average file sizes?

i’ve had about the same result… i’ve been running win7 and a drobo for about 3 months. the drobo firmware update helped a little… but i avg about 13 to 15 mb/s. much slower than i’d like over USB… especially compared to other USB drives… but its usable … and redundant… so its good enough.

My initial migration onto the Drobo took a few days, and I only have about 800 gigs worth of data across two 1.5tb drives. But I fully expected as much. It wasn’t a big deal once it was done. I would set it to transfer a few chunks of data at a time, and let it go while you’re at work or something. You can remote into your machine through something like Team Viewer or LogMeIn.com to monitor its progress.

Its slow, but then again, I’m using it for backup purposes, not as a work drive.