2MB/s transfer via USB in W7RC1 64bit???

The heading says it all
I’ve got 2 x 1.5Tb HDDs installed, and am in the process of moving data from my existing 3x500Mb drives…

at about 1.5 to 2MB/s (as reported by the explorer dialog box) it’s going to take a minor ice age…

Is this NORMAL???

Have you tried a different cable/port?
Have you run chkdsk on the volumes?

Yes - tried both.
Transfer starts at around 22MB/s, then drops after about 20 seconds… steadily down to 2MB/s and stays there.

2 brand new drives, freshly formatted in Drobo as NTFS.

Try it on a different computer and a different OS…just to make sure it isn’t a memory cache problem with your USB hardware or driver of the current setup.