2 Volumes, how to make into 1?

Hi all, I stupidly left the default setting of 2TB when I first formatted my DROBO, and then I expanded it with two more drives… of course, this resulted in TWO DIFFERENT VOLUMES! I’d really like to only have ONE.

…If say, I reformatted the second volume, NOT limiting the volume size to 2TB and let it change sizes automatically, then copied everything off of the first volume onto the second, and then finally removed the initial partition, would I then be able to just have one big volume with all my space available on it?

If not, how can I do this without somehow copying EVERYTHING onto a totally different drive and then back again?

EDIT: Hmm, it seems that I cannot only format one volume with the DROBO utility, I have to reformat the ENTIRE DRIVE. Any way around that?

Only way to change the size of the volume is to migrate the data off the drobo and reformat for a larger volume. Drobo does not support resizing of partitions.

You can also add +1 to the corresponding feature request. And pray…