2 packages: unrar & par2

I’ve cross-compiled and packaged up ‘unrar’ (from rarlab.com, not the open source one, which is apparently buggy, and in addition, the ARM binary rarlab.com supplies, doesn’t run on the Drobo FS), and ‘par2’.

You can download them here:


I needed these to get SABnzbd+ working, which it now is, wonderfully. Coupled with sickbeard (which also runs just fine), it’s a pretty killer combo for anyone using usenet.

Have you used the environment proposed at DroboPorts.com? If you did, I would be interested in a how-to with step by step instructions to put on the site as future reference.

Hi Ricardo,

Yep, that’s exactly the guide I used. Thanks for providing it, and thank you for running droboports.com!

Unfortunately I don’t have the steps lying around, but they compiled without any issues, after using your crosscompile.sh script.

Good to hear! Thanks for the feedback.

My heros! I’ve been trying to cross compile for these two binaries for a while without success! Thanks heaps!