2 or more Drobo Shares in one Windows PC network possible ?


I own two Drobos and one Drobo Share.
The Drobo Share is not very fast especialy when I copy data from one Drobo to the second.
I think the reasen for that is the very limited CPU power of the Drobo Share.

I was thinking of what would happen if I buy a second Drobo Share and connect each Drobo to its own Drobo Share.
Or what would happen if I use three Drobos and three Drobo Shares ?

Is it a problem ?
I mean the Drobo Dashboard shows me just “a Drobo Share”.
What would happen if there are more Drobos and Shares available in my network environment ?

Is it then possible to power down each Share using the dashboard Software ?

I use Windwos Vista 64bit and Windwos 7 64bit.

Please let me know.

You will see a different tab for each droboshare. I currently see 4 droboshares on my network.

Once you are on the tab, the controls are for each share. You standby one droboshare that tab will go away and you will have the remaining tabs available.

Oh great thanks for the fast answere.