2 Gen Drobo Can't access extended space on drive

I had a drive die and replaced it with a larger drive. Changing it out was no problem and after time the Drobo recovered (ingested the new drive, I don’t know what to call it). I had two volumes before (seen as one when saving files). The second volume is now the larger volume with the extra space. Drobo Dashboard shows the drive with all the new space and graphically shows it that way. However, apparently I just filled my first volume and now I can’t save to my Drobo even though there is 1.5T space available on the drive (in the second volume. Why isn’t Drobo “acting” like one big drive and allowing me to continue to save or add files to it? What can I do to get this working correctly?

OS X 10.9.4
Drobo Gen 2
Drobo Dashboard v 2.5.4

hi, its good that you were able to replace a broken drive with a new one.

if you try to restart the dashboard software, does it show you anything different?
do you also have any more info about the volumes you had before, compared with now?