2 Drobo FS's & Offsite backup

I just ordered two Drobo FS. One will be used for data storage and the other will be a backup of the primary device. I want to be able to do incremental backups every 30 minutes of new/modified files - lets say from 6am until midnight. Then at 12:30am, I want the secondary Drobo to backup to my online hosting account whatever changes have been made.

I don’t care about having weekly/monthly backups saved since most files are music/video/photos. All text documents are stored on my computer locally and using Time Machine.

Since I don’t think DroboCopy can run more than once per day, I’m assuming I’ll have to use rsync. How do I go about setting this up with cronjobs ?

I run in a Mac environment.

i’m a newb. if you figure this out, could you please make a youtube video explaining step by step what you did?