2 drives?

Hi all,

I have a drobo FW800 and after setting up my 4 drives I got some sort of option (don’t remember what this was) and since then I have a extra drive.
I formatted that drive and I can use it, but my question is.

How can I remove it and just have 1 drobo drive online?


If your physical disk space is larger than drobo formatted volume, then drobo will suggest to create another logical volume.

Both logical volumes will share the same physical disk space.

What is your drobo setup?

Well, when I installed the drives I setup the drobo to be 1 drive that’s it.

I have the FW800 with 3x1tb + 1x500gb
Yes the both drive have the same space.

How can I remove 1 drive and keep the other?


Short answer: you can’t.
Long answer: As @Bytec says, once you add more physical free disk space (after deductions for redundancy and “reserved for expansion” space) than the logical volume size that you set at the time you formatted your Drobo, then Drobo will make another volume for you to allow you to use this extra space. There are no options open to you at this point other than to use the new volume, or to copy all the data off your Drobo to somewhere else, reformat your Drobo to a larger volume size, and copy the data back onto it.
Please see the other recent thread here: http://www.drobospace.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=472 for some more detailed discussions including some DRI responses.

thanks for explaining to me…

Now let’s find another disc with 3.5tb of space :frowning: