2 Blue Lights

Hi All,

A week ago, my drobo stopped mounting on Drobo Dashboard, but still showed up in finder and Bridge. Then a few days after when I updated to El Capitan, it didn’t show up at all (not sure if this had anything to do with it.) Anyway, all I get is 2 blue lights, and no sign of a Drobo anywhere. Any ideas? I really don’t feel like paying 50 bucks just to hope for a diagnosis.

Concerned Drobo User

hi, can i check what version of dashboard you have?
if you get a chance any more info about which drobo model and connection method you use, that could be handy too.

i am not sure what bridge is but if finder can still find it, that is a good sign, and it may just be that some security settings on the mac are preventing dashboard from communicating with the drobo.

if that is the case though (possibly via mac update even before the elcapitan one) then you could try to tweak the settings shown on this page to see how things go?

Hi, thanks for responding. I have a Drobo 5d with Drobo Dashboard Version 2.5.3. A couple of days after I posted this, I upgraded to El Capitan, and I noticed afterwards (not sure if it was coincidental), the Drobo completely stopped showing up anywhere on my computer (finder, Bridge). And I am still just getting the 2 blue lights. Any thoughts?



There is an incompatibility between the 5D and El Capitan which was fixed in firmware 3.2.2, so make sure you have that (or ideally the 3.5.0 firmware).

That issue only affected USB3, so you can try a USB2 cable to see if that restores connectivity.



Thanks guys!

Unfortunately, It does not show up in my firewall seetings. Also, I’m not much of a tech person and am unsure where to get that firmware (3.2.2. or 3.5).
There does seem to be an issue strictly with the machine though considering the two blue lights (regardless of being connected or not.)
Appreciate your time and if you have any other ideas.

hi, there are some links for firmware, such as for v3.5.0 here: